V.I.P Card Details
1. Free Services:
• Dental cleaning: one free dental cleaning service for the card holder (includes tooth scaling and polishing), family members of the card holder are entitled to a full mouth examination (up to three people).
• Private dental services: a personal electronic archive of the card holder’s oral history, priority of appointments, regular call backs, dental health advice.
2. Price Privileges:
The card holder may enjoy 10% off for all treatments.

Information on the Application and the Usage
1. The applicant must initially store 30,000 RMB to become a V.I.P card holder and enjoy its benefits.
2. A family member of the card holder may enjoy the same discount to the card holder, if he/she presents the card at the time of the appointment.
3. The V.I.P card has a storage function. After it is depleted, the card must be recharged up to 10,000 RMB in order to continue enjoying the benefits.
4. The card is valid for 3 years starting the day it is issued.
5. This card will be voided unless renewed within 1 month of its expiration date.

a) This card cannot be used in conjunction with any other King’s Dental promotion and vouches.
b) This card is non-refundable.

King’s Dental reserves the final right to determine the usage of the membership card.


 King’s Dental
 April 2011